Child Care Programs

Infant Care

Infant (6 weeks-12 months)

From day one, we start to build trust, spark imagination and satisfy curiosity. We balance the stimulation babies crave with the care they require, making sure there's plenty of cuddling, cooing and nurturing every step of the way. This is where language and coordination begin to develop. Reaching, pulling, pushing, grasping - these are all natural ways your baby develops body skills. We encourage infants to use all of their muscle groups throughout the day, using developmentally appropriate toys and materials. Babies love to explore different textures, patterns and shapes and delight in banging, tossing and rolling things. We also sing and dance to music to help build coordination. Talking and listening make up an important part of each day. We help develop language skills, experiment with new sounds and celebrate every new verbal advance. We also encourage children to interact with each other and help them develop good social skills. We monitor your child's achievement and keep you involved all along the way. A personalized daily link keeps you informed of activities, meals, diaper changes and general information. 

Toddler Care

Toddlers (12-24 months)

As independence grows, so does the need to discover more about the world. At Little Scholars we encourage inquisitiveness and creativity as children begin to develop their own, special talents. Our unique blend of care and education meets emotions needs while promoting good social skills and learning. Story time and books help your child develop language and literacy skills, while early math concepts like matching and sorting are a fun way to promote problem-solving. Refining motor skills through hands-on activities and developing good social interaction are also important parts of every day. We balance individual attention with group interaction and make sure that your busy toddler uses all that energy in productive ways. Our guidelines for security and sanitation ensure that your child can explore, learn and have fun safely.  A personalized daily link keeps you informed of activities, meals, diaper changes and general information. 

Two year olds

Twos (24-30 months)

At this age they're just beginning to test their independence, influence and control. They're making huge strides in verbal and social skills and need lots of constructive ways to channel their energy. Molding clay, pretending to be different people, constructing with blocks, investigating the natural world, engaging in group activities- all help refine motor, cognitive and social skills. Our approach to introducing new concepts one by one as a child develops results in less frustration and greater self-esteem. Attentive teachers encourage investigation and exploration, so that your child learns to make better sense of the world in which they live. We encourage literacy though story times and books. We incorporate basic math and science concepts into activities and actively promote social and emotional development. We give children the tools they need, not just to develop, but to develop a lifelong love of discovery and learning. At the end of each day you will get a personalized daily link that keeps you informed of activities, meals, diaper changes / potty training progress and general information. 

Early Preschool

Early Preschool (30-36 months)

As your child is transitioning from a toddler to a preschool student. Chatting with friends during circle time increases verbal and personal skills. Solving puzzles helps strengthen self-control and problem-solving, while artistic activities nurture creativity. Our teachers help foster self-esteem through group activities and individual attention, and encourage your child to explore and grow. We introduce new concepts one step at a time that will help your child feel proud instead of frustrated. While we encourage activities that refine motor skills, we also introduce new concepts in math, language, science and the arts as each child is ready. We give children the tools and guidance they need to discover, learn and grow. But they bring the most important things with them- their natural inquisitiveness, wonder and joy of discovery. At Little Scholars, we value each child individually and help all of them find the many ways that they can be smart. Everyday your child will go home with a personalized daily link that keeps you informed of activities, meals, diaper changes / potty training progress and general information. 

Preschool 3 years old

Preschool (3 years old)

Our Preschool Scholars are thriving while exploring, observing and playing in a developmentally appropriate environment. They will learn the phonetic sound of each letter as well as identifying the vowels. They will begin writing their name, numbers, and letters. Homework packets will be assigned weekly. We strive to help children develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. 

Pre-K 4 year old

Pre-K (4 years old)

Our Pre K Scholars are focused on mastering their writing skills, and reading preparation. They will also compute simple math addition and subtraction. Homework packets will be assigned weekly. The Pre K environment includes many opportunities for social-emotional development, fine- and gross-motor activities, and oral language development for all kinds of learners. We strive to prepare your child to feel confident about their next step in education. 

School Age

Homework Club

Our School Age Scholars allows our children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. We provide transportation drop off and pick up from several local elementary schools. We offer assistance with daily homework. Children have time everyday to explore their own interest in creative art, math, construction, puzzles, science and more.

Before & After School Care

We Drop off and Pick Up From:

* Lakeview Elementary School 

* Mabel Paine Elementary School

* Rose Drive Elementary School 

* Van Buren Elementary School

* Golden Elementary School

* Morse Elementary School

Extra Curricular Activities


WEBBY Dance Company

WEBBY Dance Company

WEBBY Dance Company

Fun and exciting dance classes weekly introduce your child to tap, pre-ballet, creative movement and tumbling with age appropriate music! 


Music N Friends

WEBBY Dance Company

WEBBY Dance Company

Early childhood music enrichment program. Each week new ideas and concepts about music is inroduced. Music 'N' Kids promotes cooperation, listening, patience, increased vocabulary, reasoning skills, cognitive development, self confidence and LOVE OF MUSIC! 



WEBBY Dance Company


Fundamental soccer sessions for ages 2-5 years old. With registration you get a uniform and free gifts! 

Multi-Communication Classes



Sign - Language

Sign - Language

Introduction to basic Spanish language


Sign - Language

Sign - Language

Sign - Language

 Teaching young minds beginning Sign-Language. 



Sign - Language


Introduction to basic Chinese language